Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Today Blockbuster apparently became a crisis intervention hotline. I get a call from this guy. Things started off normal...he needed the number for the Orem store and was charged for keeping a movie. Easy fix, right? Wrong. All of a sudden he starts telling me basically his whole life story. Nothing to do with movies. Nothing. He told me about him being divorced and not having custody of his kids and all he wants to do is be a part of their lives. Told me stories and about opportunities he has turned down so he could be close to his kids. Although I was laughing to myself thinking "is this for real," I felt bad for the guy. I seriously just sat there listening prob for at least 10 mins, which doesn't sound long, but for a call to Blockbuster it is. I couldn't interrupt him venting and pouring his heart out. You must have no one to talk to when you turn to Blockbuster employees to confide in. The funny part is that in the end he didn't even ask about the movie. He seriously just called to vent. Well Chris, aka "Daddio" (that is what his kids refer to him because they love him), you deserve better and I hope you will get what you desire some day.

The things that happen at Blockbuster...I will never understand. Come visit. It's a party.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


November is just a great month. Last night was round 2 of concert going. Sara Bareilles. My home girl Amy Elms joined me, as well as Mallory Carling. We got there and the line was HUGE. So what do we do? Oh you know, just stand near the front of the line to the side and slowly inch our way into the line until it starts moving. Sucess? Freak ya. We know how to work the system. Second row (if you call standing up a row) from the stage. All I can say is that Sara is simply amazing. To add to her amazingness, she was adorable. Super cute and fun. She came out before the show even started and introduced everyone. How cool is she? SUPER cool I tell you. Of all the concerts I have been to, no one has ever done that. Extra points for Sara.

Look at her cute outfit slash beanie hat thing. Love
 The first opener for Sara was the lovely Holly Conlan. The great thing about this concert is that I have music from all the artists that played. So 3 awesome people for the price of 1. Anyways...back to Holly...yes, she is sooo good. Love her style. Look her up? Yes.

Next came Cary Brothers. Just one guy, no brothers. I discovered Cary from my best friend Age. Holla to Age. He was great other than the fact that he has a horrible language issue. Don't judge. He still is awesome. Another reason why Sara is awesome? She came out and joined Cary for a song. NBD. I talked with Cary after the show. He is a cool dude. He was super nice and talkative. He said he is coming back in march and touring with Joshua Radin. That is a definite must see concert. Look BOTH of them up? YES.

FINALLY came Sara. After a whole stage transformation she finally came on. Holy cow can she sing. Her voice is legit. Mad skills. She was super energetic and a great performer. Probly one of my top 5 concerts.

After the show we went to buy t-sirts. That took a while. But while we waited we got to take pics with Cary and Holly. So it all worked out. Sara did't come out after the show. I think everyone would have plowed her over. Anways....best night I've had in a long time. Except on our way home we spuratically decided to stop at East High (we passed right by it, don't worry). I wanted to do a jumping pose, but in order to do that I needed to get up on the boulder thing. So I tried to be cool and just run and jump onto it. First time, failed, needed a better running start. Second attempt, bigger fail. I totally fall and biff it. Got a pretty nice bruice on my knee, some cut up knuckles and palms, and didn't even get the picture. Epic fail.

Picture time

Holly Conlan

Cary Brothers

Cary & Sara


Us with Cary Brothers

Holly Conlan

Me, Mallory, Amy

 The evil cement block I fell on

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Another concert this week. The wonderful Greg Laswell. SO good. The lovely Jordyn Canady joined me for this one and we had a freakin rockin time. It was at the Avalon Theater. A small venue. We got front row seats (don't be too impressed, it's not hard to do) so it was a nice view.

There were a few openers for Greg. A guy named Dustin Christensen opened first. Love his stuff. Mellow, and just good. He doesn't have a CD out yet but look him up.

What comes next I hope no one will ever have to go through... What does a french horn, electric guitar/lead singer, acoustic guitar, bass player, drums, girl singer, and electric piano equal? Answer: A terrible music overload of 7 BYU students who thought it would be cool to be in a band. Seriously, talk about ruining music for me. The lead singer was trying so hard to be funny. Didn't happen. The great thing about this sad story is that two of the guys in the "band" used to be in one of my wards and would always try to get everyone to come to their so called concerts. Are you ready for the cool band name they came up with? Yarrow. What does that even mean? Now if you happen to be reading this and happen to know slash love the Yarrow then I am sorry. You have horrible taste in music and should not admit you know them. Ok I'm really not that mean. I guess they just are not my style. Maybe you should decided for yourself?  

Moving on to real music...Greg's opener is a band from New York called Harper Blynn. Loved them! They are also Greg's band for the tour. They are 4 crazy lookin dudes who are freakin awesome. Really check them out. They also did a freakin sweet cover of Halo. Loved them.

Now Greg finaly came. Uh-ma-zing. always love him. If you haven't ever heard of him then most definitely look him up cause you will not be dissapointed.

After the show we stuck around and got autographs and pitures. Awesome, really nice guys. $15 well spent.

Harper Blynn

Greg Laswell

 Story about the man who took this photo: I don't think I have ever come across someone who had a problem with taking a picture for someone else until now. So we ask this like old guy behind us if he would take a picture for us with my camera and Jordyn's camera. He starts going off about how it would be easier and faster to take it with one camera and says you both must know which camera is better and wanted us to choose one. And he was freaking out like is everything set and ready? And so we agreed to just taking one picture, heaven forbid he push two buttons. I look at the picture to see how it turned out and it was totally blurry. So I make him take another one and he kinda hesitates all mad like. Then turns out when it’s his turn he takes a gazillion years. What a weirdy. So rude and unnecessary. 

Harper Blynn

Friday, November 5, 2010


Do you ever just have those days when things irritate you? Ya me neither....lie. Ok well maybe I would just say I had a half of a day of irritation (does that make sense?) Well I had a long day at work and as much as I love people, they can be real idiots sometimes. When you work at Blokbuster this happens more than sometimes. Well the hour finally came when I got to leave work. Mind you this--no one ever is on time to work so I usually leave about 15 mins later than I'm supossed to. That just drives me insane. Seriously why can no one be on time to anything. But that's a whole other issue I have. I hate being late. ANYWAYS...I finally got to leave. But I had to drive all the way up to the Orem store to get my check. For some reason they think I like to drive totally out of my way to get my money. Finally got my check. Then came going to deposit it. But first it took 5 zillion days to drive there cause people are yet again idiots and can't drive. So I get to the bank and it took forever cause people were doing crazy bank things that I don't know anything about. Finally it was my turn and of course I got this slow dude. It then took a gazillion years to get to my apt. So why the lack of patience on my part? Well I hadn't eaten anything since 10:30 am. I was kinda STARVING and sick of being out. I should just learn some self control I guess. But don't you worry (I know you were very concerned) I am fed, rested, and in a great mood. So I am going to enjoy the rest of my evening before I have to wake up tomorrow and most likely encounter the same morons I did today


Something you will figure out about me is that I am a concert junky. November is a busy concert month for me. I love going to concerts. Tonight I went to the So You Think You Can Dance tour with my little sister Chloe. Can I just say it was wonderful. This season was absolutely awesome. This season they had all-stars (previous contestants on the show) come back and dance with the newbies. The all-stars were my favorites from past seasons so I was really excited to see them back. They were also at the show tonight.

We had floor seats, row 10. It was sweet. Can I just say that I love Kent Boyd. He is adorable and at the same time super sexy
         Exibit A...



One of my favorite dances done by Kent and this seasons winner, Lauren, was the prom dance. What made it even better was that they kissed at the end of it.

My 2nd favorite on the show besides Kent and Lauren woud be Robert!

look how cute he is

he got some too :)

Overall I would have to say that I have too many favorites.

Here are a few pictures of everyone 

Courtney is prob one of my fav all-stars

Me and Chloe

Thursday, November 4, 2010


ok...ok! I have entered into the blogging world. I was getting kinda jealous at everyone and their advertising of NEW BLOG POSTS! sooo...after a good...(way too long to admit)...this is what has come out. I am very confused with so many things. I am hoping it will become easier as I go? Please bless. Alright, first things first, lets give you a taste of ME.


-Well you see I was born in this lovely town called Provo (ever heard of it?) Lived in Washington State from about age 2 thru 7 then grew up in Pleasant View, Ut ever since. Holla. I made it through the younger years and ventured to BYU. Since then I graduated from BYU about 6 months ago. Now a days I am just livin the life here in P-town(for those of you not in the P-town lingo...that would be Provo)workin at Blockbuster...hey it's a job ok?


-I'm the oldest of 5 girls. My dad sure loves the fact that even our dog is a girl. I did however, grow up playing sports my whole life. You're welcome dad.

I'm sure that if you are actually reading this, you probably alreay know me so this will be all for now. You will be getting lots more of me to come.