Sunday, October 2, 2011

i was enchanted to meet you...

So I went and saw T-Swift in concert last Wednesday. Pretty much it was freakin awesome. We took my little sister Capri. It was her first concert.

We had awesome seats. Turned out to be row 6 with how the stage was set up. We had aisle seats and she came down on the floor and walked around and walked right by us. Yes, I touched her hand. Yes, it was awesome. Picture and video will be provided at the bottom. She had sweet openers. Charlie Worsham and Needtobreathe. They were really good. 

A few pics...

Back to started snowing

There's my hand with the thumb ring :) 


Thursday, September 22, 2011

it's a fine fine day

So this one time me and Jessica decided to go to Disneyland over Labor Day weekend. Well we ended up having the greatest time ever. So I made this little video so you all can be jealous of all the fun things we did. We probs saw 2 celebrities while we were there. I don't know, someone named Ryan Gosling or something. Some girl named Eva Mendez? nbd. Oh was awesome. Yup. Towards the end of the vid they will be making a small appearance. Get excited.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Baby's black balloon makes her fly

Sometimes I win things....

I was very excited about my winnings this time. Ok let me tell you aaaallll about it...

So I won tickets to go see Parachute, Michelle Branch, and the Goo Goo Dolls last Thursday. WHAT?! Yes. Well it gets even better...I also got meet and greet passes to see Michelle. I was pretty much freaking out, considering I grew up loving both of these people.

So I took my wonderful friend Cassey with me. It was up in Park City so we headed up there. Apparently I am horrible at knowing the streets up there because we ended up having to walk like 50 blocks UPHILL to finally get to where we were going. Next time I definitely will know that I can park closer. But we finally made it to Cafe Terigo and had to wait a few minutes before going in. As we were sitting there Michelle came in right in front of us. I was trying so hard to think of something clever, funny, interesting to say, but all I could do was sit there looking like a retard while having a freakout attack. haha

Ok so the time came and it was amazing. She played us like 4 songs and answered some questions. She is so pretty and nice. Turns out she is married to someone in her band (not the guy you will see in the pic) and they have a 6 yr old daughter! How precious is that? I think very. We saw her later at the real concert and Michelle played this adorable song she wrote for her daughter. So cute. So after she was done playing we got to go meet her and take a pic with her. Again...wanting to say something great but all I came up with was a hello and a we love you. I am super cool. But hey, it beats "Pretty lady" any day.

Next came the big concert. We headed down to the amphitheater. Soooo many people were already there so we didn't get amazing seats or anything. Plus they were just on the grass. Being the genius I am, we didn't bring any blankets or anything. Stupid idiot. But we got ourselves a Goo Goo Dolls shirt and found some seats.

A lot of strange things were goin down up there. So many baskets full of cheese, wine, bread. We were so confused. Especially at the fact of how many people brought their own legit wine glasses plus wine glass holders! Ha it was so crazy.

Sidenote: Elizabeth Smart may or may not have walked right by us. And I may or may not have taken a stalker pic of her after she walked by....
Yes, yes I did
Parachute opened. Um I love them. I only have a few of their songs but they are so good live. These girls next to us were obsessed with them and had made these awesome homemade Parachute shirts. They ended up sharing their blanket with us which made us love them even more.

Michelle was next and she rocked it again....lastly came the Goo Goo Dolls. They were amazing. So freakin good. It was such a great concert. The one downside was how freezing cold it got. Wearing shorts and short sleeves is not good at night in Park City. We were using our shirts as blankets...that didn't turn out so good ha. But we worked it out and it was pretty much an awesome day.

Thanks MY 99.5

Saturday, August 6, 2011

like ships in the night

The exact words that came out of my mouth during a call at work today:

"So your ex daughter in-law is having her friend Boots come over and steal your mail?"

The stories I hear...

Artist of the week still goes to Mat Kearney

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Young love

So my job is very entertaining. I get to talk to some pretty crazy people. 

Here is one of my favorites so far:

This clearly sounding black women calls up wanting to report some mail theft. But somehow she got off on this huge tangent and I got way too much info than I needed slash wanted to hear. Please read in a black women's accent. Here are some of her best lines during the convo:

"I'm Mrs. Washington's baby. Do you know who Mrs. Washington is?" Me-"Yes ma'am, I do"
(Hmmm...I didn't know Mrs. Washington had a secret black baby...or did she?)

"I'm gonna call the white house after I'm done talkin to you. My boyfren works at the white house" 

"My husbans been sleepin with my neighbor. He been sleepin with white women. I don't ker. I sleep with white men, black men, mexicans, I aint racist."

"I been gettin rapped in my house. The police come in a shoot at me. Why they gotta shoot at me? I didn't do nothin. I don't want to be shot at."

Ya...all those words came out of the same lady during the same conversation. I later talked to a lady who told me she had to get her gun out and that she has to carry a gun around now because of her ex-husband.  Haha. Crazies. 

Today was my day off for the week. Not looking forward to Saturday morning, 7 am. Death.

Speaking of music...Mat Kearney's new CD came out today. I was very excited because I found this bumpin coupon for the deluxe edition for only $5.99 at Best Buy. iTunes doesn't have the deluxe version, and it costs $7.99. Duh I'm goin with the cheaper price for more songs. So I drove up to Best Buy, all happy and excited to buy this awesome CD. Well turns out they had already sold out! What?! I was very mad. And I wasted my life driving up there for nothing. Stupid idiot. So I gave in and bought the regular version on iTunes. It was worth it. I'm in love with it already. Go check it out. 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

tell me everything tell me every little thing

Apparently I have had nothing exciting going on in my life for over a month...


Maybe I've just been way too busy doing awesome things to share them with you...

Ok it's prob because I am too lazy to come up with what to blog about. Plus I guess I have been sorta busy lately with my NEW JOB. Why don't I start with that, yes?]

So my new job is going great. We are almost completely done with training. This past week we have been on the phones. I have talked to some crazies, lots of B's, and very entertaining people.  Been yelled at a few times, mostly hilarious, semi frightening.  But it's pretty fun and I am slowly but surely getting the hang of things.  The people I work with are cool. Very different but make me laugh every day. It's great working full time. Definitely keeps me busy and the time flies. Funniest thing was when a guy told me he couldn't write down a number cause he was sittin on the toilet.

I guess that really is all I have going on right now. I did go to 7 peaks yesterday for the first time of the summer slash my life. It was great. I am not a water park kind of person but it was nice just chillin in the wave pool, gettin tan. But here's the thing...for some reason I become a freako when it comes to sunscreen. I stress about what SPF to get, how much to put on, or if I even should put any on. Now I haven't been in the sun for a while and i didn't wanna fry so I got some SPF15 and sprayed it all over. I didn't even get like any sun! What the? I am pretty furious. I guess next time I will know to not put as much on.

Song of the week goes to Demi Lovato. Skyscrapper. uhmazing

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

so close you can almost taste it

So I just read my emails and this is one of them that I got...

Congratulations from MY 99.5!!!
You and a guest are invited to an Andy Grammer private performance on June 23rd from 11am - 1pm at Flemings, at The Gateway in Salt Lake. At the performance you will pick up two (2) tickets to Natasha Bedingfield. She will be performing later that night at The State Room

You would think that this would be great news, right? Performance by Andy Grammer...who I have recently become acquainted with thanks to free downloads on iTunes. He had a free music video a few months ago and then last week his song was one of the free singles of the week. They are actually really good. And it's a no brainer when it comes to loving Natasha Bedingfield. LOVE HER.

Well...due to my awesome, fun, exciting trip to WA tomorrow, I will unfortunately not be able to be in 2 places at once. I'm especially slash mostly sad about not being able to see Natasha. Like really sad. She is amazing. I'm a big fan and I've always wanted to see her.

Also I guess I'm not allowed to give the tickets to someone else. LAME. What a waste of my winnings.

But thanks my 99.5  I can always count on you to give me free things.