Thursday, May 19, 2011

do you hear that love, they're playing our song

What happened in my life yesterday? Ok I will tell you...
So I occasionally enter radio station contests, I know, pretty legit right?   Well I won some passes to this private lunchtime performance of a band called He Is We. Not many people have heard of them but really they should. They are super good so I was pretty stoked about it. I brought along the lovely Taylor Veater who is also a big fan. It was pretty great. Got a delicious lunch, heard a few songs, got autographs and a pic. It was great. They seriously made a different face with every single person they took a pic with. Too bad our face was an eyes closed weirdy face. 

The first hour of American Idol didn’t record because I have too many things recording at once. Idiot. NBD...I just caught the recap at the end of the show. Seriously if cowboy wins...I will cut someone. 
So my roommates have heard enough of this but I just have to tell you guys too. It just made me so ticked. Ok so I ordered Dominos pizza later that night. I know, delicious. Now, one of my favorite things about Dominos is their semi-newish crust that has like garlic goodness all over it. So the dude asks me what kind of crust I wanted and I specifically say that I want the kind that has the delicious garlic stuff on it (which would be just the regular crust since they do that every time now). Soooo...then I decide to get some cinnamon sticks and he asks what kind of sauce I want with them and I obviously say I want the frosting. DUH. So I get home, open my pizza box, AND THE CRUST HAS NO GALRIC STUFF ON IT. what. the. I’m furious at this point. But I try to move past it and eat the pizza anyways. Dessert time comes and I open up my cinnamon box, AND THERE IS NO FROSTING. seriously? yes, seriously. Why would I make such awful things up. Thanks a lot Dominos. I was pretty upset about this the whole night so I finally ended up making my own frosting because I refused to eat them without it. It prob was better tasting than Dominos anyways. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

i know i had the best day with you today

  Sometimes moms are too special to explain in words alone
They are there from the start and then all of a sudden you are grown
They tell you to be careful and always choose the right
Then they see you progress, always with the Lord in sight
They let you stay up late to make you feel mature and special
Then they watch you come home early with a hug so very gentle 
They show you how to love always opening your heart
Then they hold you when it’s broken, knowing from the start
They bring you treats and presents just because they care
Then they watch you give away your cookie when things aren’t fair
They buy you pretty clothes so that you sparkle in the light
Then one day help you choose that one dress that is white
They raise you and teach you, always showing you the way
Then they watch as you leave with only loving words to say
All of these things I have learned from my mom throughout the years
Thinking about her and all she has done for me brings me tears
She is all mine and is there no matter how far I may be
She will always be my mother even as long as eternity
She is my closest friend, someone I trust with my life
Always there to confide in, comforting me through strife
She stands by my side, even when I think I know better
She takes my phone call when I feel alone and miss her
She believes in me when everyone else turns their back
She lifts me up with encouraging words to get me back on track
I have become who I am today because of her example
The words I have shared with you are only a little sample
There aren’t enough great words to express how I feel 
But the love I have for my mother is something that is real





Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2 am and she calls me cause i’m still awake...

Oh hello there...
Just a couple thing’s on my mind...
1.  Ok so just to clarify, I don’t hate my new manager. I actually really like her.  She is a very nice lady and she let’s us listen to music at work instead of watching the lame, repetitive trailer tapes.  Plus it is nice to actually have someone managing the store now.  I am just sad that she makes me work at night, especially weekend nights. Not cool.
2. Apparently the newbies in the Dev don’t know how to park. I got home at like 12:15 and there were still a few spots, but OH REALLY...3 of the ones outside were unparkable because the cars were taking up 1 1/2 spots. Couldn’t park there even if I tried. So I went down under and found a spot. PROBLEM: the car yet again was taking up way more than its share. Parked diagonally and just plain bad. But I managed to barely squeeze my jeep in, which can I just say is not the most petite car out there. But doing so left absolutely no room for the idiot who parked next to me to get into the car. So being the kind person I am, I wrote a little note apologizing even tho it was clearly their own fault. I just said sorry and that there was nowhere else to park and that I did my best and hope they can get in. That was nice, right? I did feel bad but they probly should learn how to park. Problem solved. I do wish I could see them have to crawl thru the passenger side to get in tho. hahaha. I am so mean. If this is in fact YOUR car, I do apologize. 


4. Sad news. Actually really really BAD news. So...I took my new watch to get a new battery hoping it would fix the digital guessed didn’t fix it. So I am sad to say that I must return it. I really was tempted to just keep it and wear it even tho it doesn’t work. But that is just plain stupid, and I actually use watches for more than just style. Anyways...I am going to have to find a replacement for the loss. I’m thinkin I need a red or yellow watch. Or I really like this matte grey color. I’m thinkin the Time Teller is what I'll get, I just gotta choose the color. I saw this kid wearing this sweet watch, it wasn’t a Nixon but it was pretty cool looking. Remember slap bracelets? Well they made watches like them apparently.  I probly could get both to make up the price difference for the one I have to return. 
Slap Watch

          The Time Teller...which color do you like?