Tuesday, June 21, 2011

so close you can almost taste it

So I just read my emails and this is one of them that I got...

Congratulations from MY 99.5!!!
You and a guest are invited to an Andy Grammer private performance on June 23rd from 11am - 1pm at Flemings, at The Gateway in Salt Lake. At the performance you will pick up two (2) tickets to Natasha Bedingfield. She will be performing later that night at The State Room

You would think that this would be great news, right? Performance by Andy Grammer...who I have recently become acquainted with thanks to free downloads on iTunes. He had a free music video a few months ago and then last week his song was one of the free singles of the week. They are actually really good. And it's a no brainer when it comes to loving Natasha Bedingfield. LOVE HER.

Well...due to my awesome, fun, exciting trip to WA tomorrow, I will unfortunately not be able to be in 2 places at once. I'm especially slash mostly sad about not being able to see Natasha. Like really sad. She is amazing. I'm a big fan and I've always wanted to see her.

Also I guess I'm not allowed to give the tickets to someone else. LAME. What a waste of my winnings.

But thanks my 99.5  I can always count on you to give me free things.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Hop up out the bed, turn my swag on

OH MAN do I have some delightful news for you...or rather even more delightful for me.

You all know of my sad sad life workin at the BB all these years, and my desperate attempt to get the heck outta there. Well I am pleased to say that my dream is finally coming true. I will be peacin out on the 28th. 

Why you ask?

I got a freaking new job! Halle-freakin-lujah. 

Before I tell you where, let me start by saying that I will be making $11.54/hr working 40 hrs a week. Huge change. So great. 

So I got a job at Convergys. I know, a call center? BUT...it's inbound customer service calls dealing with the post office. I really think it won't be that bad and I think I will like it. Right now I'm just so grateful that I found this and that it pays so well and I will actually be working full time.

No more BB. EVER. I will never go back. Only sucky thing is no more free movies ha. But I'm sure my BB peeps will still hook me up. They better. Maybe I'll just get Netflix...am I allowed to say that?

So I start June 29th. Only sad thing is that now I won't be able to go to Cali for the 4th of July. But do not fret...I get to go up to Seattle on Wednesday for like 4 days. My cousin is getting married so I'm really excited I get to go. I didn't wanna miss it.

So there you go. Greatest news ever, yes? YES.

Next wish in life: Get a boyfriend...I'll keep ya posted but don't hold your breath...unless you are me... because I can hold it for a really long time :) 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

you make me happy, whether you know it or not

So basically I have huge news to share...but that's for another day soon to come! haha. It's late but I wanted to share something that happened at work tonight.

Sometimes customers at BB are super chatty and there's really nothing you can do but nod, smile, and hope they have a point to all the nonsense. Well tonight I was the victim to an extreme talker.

It started off nice and casual, then I realized I was in for it. Turns out this guy is an author and so he told me about his novel and how I should read it...except it isn't in bookstores ha. I guess it's available online for me to look it up. He even gave me his card. Anyways...he started going off on all these tangents and I just didn't even understand some of the things he was talking about. But things started getting interesting when he started talking about life and what makes us happy.

He said to me that the key to life is empathy. Empathy in everything we do. I really like what he said. He talked so highly of his wife and how her life is full of empathy as well as his children. Now, I'm no good with words and my memory is trash so I won't be able to say all he said but what he said really made an impact on me.

He talked about not expecting anything in return as well. Lately I have done the exact opposite. I have been selfish and it won't get me anywhere. We need to have empathy and not expect anything in return. Doing things for people shouldn't be about owing any favors or receiving anything special.

He also talked about happiness. He asked what makes people happy? The answer he gave me was improvement. BAM. So true. We all have room for improvement, whatever category it may fall in. Being a better person, accomplishing something, staying positive. Lately I have been working on little things to be a better person and it totally has made me happier. I can't remember but I think he also mentioned something about our decisions and how we have a choice in the way we let things effect us. Choose to be happy. Why would you choose to be sad, angry, negative? Not good.

This guy seriously talked to me for about an hour. Holy long. Even tho some parts were crazy...talking about the life of his kids, his book (which apparently is better than Harry Potter), his wife, the world...he gave me some pretty good advice to think about. He said "why am I telling you all of this?" and then said "because for some reason you were supposed to hear it."

Oh yes I think I was. So thank you to Mr. Douglas Warren.

His novel is called Winds of Freedom. I'm not sure how I will find it. But here is his website if any of you want to check it out. He has a few text books as well, which I'm pretty sure I got the crash course version of his book Mind Over Time all in a BB visit...

Strive for improvement. Be happier. Show empathy. Expect nothing.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

And i think i like how the day sounds

Should we talk about blogger for a minute? Um no because it is a moron. So let me begin re-typing EVERYTHING because it won't let me copy and paste it into here. Also ruining my font. Stupid idiot.

Um, this is gonna be kinda long. So don't get bored. READ IT. I will cut you...

One time I was a bridesmaid in my wonderful friend Ashley Pond's (now Craven) wedding. Pretty much she was gorgeous. Her dress was amazing. The wedding was so great. And yes I caught the bouquet. Do I hear bells?


Sidenote: I do not wear heels. Like eeeevvveeerrr. Except the 3 times that I have been a bridesmaid. So this was one of those rare shocking occasions that I wore heels. But these weren't just any ordinary heels. No. They were non-human heels that were fifty feet high. I tried picking out some cute ones, then sent the choices to my mom for her opinion. Her words: "Those are all ugly, get these." Thank you mom.

Hence the giantness compared to Ash

So this is what I ended up with...

I spent most of the day carrying them around, walking barefoot all over temple square, trying to look like I was "wearing" them.

But we did run into the royal family. Prince Harry was clearly there...along with the hats.

Me and Age just takin some pics of ourselves at the reception. We found this little log cabin thing. It was pretty sweet.

Sidenote #2: I love cats. So what. I was sitting at Red Robin the other week, obviously eating, when I suddenly realized I was in fact sitting right under the cutest thing ever.  Yes a cat. I just had to take a pic.

Speaking of cats...which should be done more often...I just ran into one last week. Right outside the Dev. It was practically waiting for me to pick it up...so I did.

It had a collar. Quit being grossed out
Look who I ran into the very next day...

Hahaha. Ok I mostly took all these cat pictures as a joke to mock my love for them. But really I kinda secretly loved every minute of it. Don't be hatin on my cats. I promise I won't grow up and have fifty of them. Definitely one tho.

Ok enough sidenotes...

So we went and saw Mindy Gledhill on Friday night. Pretty much am obsessed with her church music. It's just soooo good. She played normal music tho, still good but I could listen to her church stuff all day. She was great.

Basically it was just awesome. Plus we were on top of a building. Jealous much?