Thursday, April 28, 2011

1, 2, 3, 4...tell me that you love me more

Oh hey…
A few things to talk about today…
#1 Changes suck
So we got a new manager at Blockbuster. Basically everything is messed up now. My schedule, the organization of things in the store, the way we have to do things now, EVERYTHING. It’s already ruining my life. But let’s be real…Blockbuster has always ruined my life, no matter who the manager is. She is a nice lady but is a firm believer of “fairness.”  Her idea of fairness means me having to work nights now. H-NO
#2 Job Searching Is Hard
So I’ve been trying to find a new job. And yes it sucks. I have just been applying to anything that looks like something I can do. I had an interview at a place called ProSoft the other day. It is a receptionist job. Pray that I get it so I can get the heck out of BB immediately. 
#3 Best Friend
We are now 8 days and counting away from the return of my best friend Age. I just can’t even believe the time is almost here! I cannot wait. I won’t get to see her in person til around May 26th tho. But I guess that is what skype is for! 
#4 Really?
The Dictator
For some reason I am having the worst luck with watches. I am obsessed and kind of went on a crazy watch-buying spree. 2 watches in the last month. But I finally got one I ordered and 1-it needs a new battery and 2-one of the dials is missing. What THE? Of course this would happen to me. I hope I can work it out. Sucky thing is that it will prob take 3 weeks to work it out. It’s an awesome watch tho. 
You can record your voice on it and play things back. 

#5 One Day
One day I WILL have a cat
#6 Maybe
Maybe one day my life will be good enough for everyone. I know they just want what is best for me and want me to gain new experiences and be successful and such, but obviously my life isn’t good enough for them or else they wouldn’t be so concerned about it all the time. Think about it.  Thank you for the concern but it’s my life and I don’t feel like it’s being wasted. I am happy. I will find my place in life eventually and it will be great. For now, I gotta be patient.  

Sunday, April 17, 2011


   Wow. I am super good at blogging, right? Wrong. I guess I just feel like every post needs to be something epic, which it never is, so therefore I am going to try and post more often. Well I have a lot of things to catch you up on...I will keep it short and simple... 

    1.     I figured out how to do neat font...obviously
   2.     I went to CO and it was amazing. Best sky in the world.  
   3.     I went to Greg Laswell (again) and Lenka with Jordyn. It basically was amazing
   4.     My bestest friend in the whole world gets home from her mish in 18 days
   5.     I got a twitter account again. WHAT? I don’t know why I do these things. I feel very left out though. We will see how long it lasts this time. 
   6.     So my cousin Cole is basically amazing with music. He mixes things and raps and stuff. I think it's so cool. So I wrote some lyrics and got him to rap them. So here is the final product we made while I was in CO. The song is called Get Back Up. Check it out.


whip cream game (I lost both times)

I love them

Tenley & Kenyon


So cute

I'm a creeper...sittin on top of the table to be closer to her

Love him