Sunday, January 30, 2011

Idiots much?

Sometimes at Blockbuster we have to do things...sometimes the people I work with are idiots. Example? 

So putting a sticker on a movie sounds pretty simple, right? I mean we all have had our share of sticker placing practice since about age 2. Ok so when a certain amount of time passes, movie prices change. So what we have to do is #1 take off the blue $4.99 sticker, and #2 place the white $2.99 sticker on the DVD case. Sounds super simple, I know. So you ask why do you work with idiots Candace? I think the best way to explain this is to just show you..

First let's start with what it should look like, a movie stickered by either me or my other non-idiot worker, James. 

notice the nice, neat, straight placement of the sticker
Ok now for the idiot examples...

There are so many things wrong with this. #1 They did not remove the blue sticker. What the? Idiots. #2 The white sticker is CLEARLY crooked. Even bigger idiots. 

This one is out of control. Really? You can't even get it ON the video? The edges of the sticker are hanging off the box. Idiots. 

Now these are just a few examples. I promise you that the A's through about G's are all like this. Not every movie but just the ones that needed the re-stickering. It's embarrassing. Some people just don't have any pride in what they do. But I mean, I guess I shouldn't really take pride in working at BB. But seriously people... This is what you get when you ask them to start on a simple task for you. CRAP. 

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Ok it's about time for a new post. I am too bad at this blog thing. But today is a special occasion so it is a must. Today we went up to Park City for the Sundance Film Festival. Every year we go up in desperate attempt to spot celebs and every year we fail. Well...not this year! We hit the jackpot. Seriously. Let's begin our journey...

So we decided to get lunch at a place called Bandits. Delicious by the way. There was a small wait so they told us we could go wait downstairs. Well little did we know that celeb #1 would be awaiting...

Rick Fox from the Lakers
Aka Daunte from OTH :)
So he was just chillin at a table by himself. So I asked if he minded if I took a pic. DONE. We definitely enjoyed our meal after that. 

After lunch we met up with the lovely Amy Elms and Stacy. Also can I just say how cold it was up there? Very. I was in vans which are no good at keeping feet warm. Let's just say my toes were literally about to fall off at times. But we kept treckin on. Next came a lovely surprise. Now let me just mention that as simple as it sounds, spotting celebs can be a bit tricky. Real life is a whole lot different! So I walked by this girl and immediately thought Rachael Leigh Cook. So I stopped but wasn't certain. Then we heard her friend call out Rachael. So what are the chances a Rachael Leigh Cook look alike is named Rachael too? ha. Well we were still iffy. But me and Jessica ended up following her down the road and were gonna just be brave and ask for the pic. Well the stupid paparazzi ended up stopping her and she needed to go. But I did manage this...

She is really pretty. And super skinny
Ok after this semi-failed incident with Rachael, we got much braver and did not hesitate for the celeb confirmation. Next up were some pretty legit stars. There was a huge crowd gathered around taking pics with someone so I immediately book it towards the crowd. But on my way over there I pass Mark Webber. I remember him from Snow Day ha but he was on Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and a bunch more. So I was about to stop him when right behind him was Hugh Dancy. Hello. Not a hard choice there. So I asked Hugh to take a pic with me. DONE. 

not my best angle...but look at him :)

So continuing back on route to the big celeb that created a large gathering....
Oh just James Franco!

I don't know how I managed to get the pic but I was determined. I had to step in this fatty deep puddle of water, soaking my already froze foot in order to get to him. Ha it was amazing. He was so nice though and let so many people take pics with him. Hence the straight face...I'm pretty sure he wasn't extremely thrilled ha.
Right after the Franco madness came a double whammy. I first see Tenley Molzahn. If you are a Bachelor fan then you will know who she is. If not, she was a contestant on the Bachelor when Jake Pavelka was the bachelor. She got 2nd. She is the sweetest girl ever. Sooo...we start talking to her and she is the nicest person ever. Prob wins the nicest celb competition for the day. She asked my name and told us how nice it was for us to come say hi. She then says oh and here's Kiptyn! Now for those of you who don't know...Kiptyn Locke was on the Bachelorette during Jillian's season and got 3rd I think. He was awesome. Well...Tenley and Kiptyn had been introduced after all the shows and sort of hit it off. They then went onto The Bachelor Pad and grew closer. And so they are still dating :) They both were the nicest people to talk to. Such a perfect couple. 
Tenley and Kiptyn

Ok we next saw Rick Fox again, but this time he was with his girlfriend...who also happens to be a celeb :) 

Eliza Dushku

I loved her on Bring it On. She is gorgeous. Her and Rick were just putting their bags in a car. 

Ok the next celeb was a pretty epic moment. Let me just fill you in on what me and my roommates have been doing for the past 2 weeks. Sooo....I have recently been introduced to the show Alias. I immediately became addicted. Well, we kind of all are in love with Michael Vaughn (aka Michael Vartan) on the show. I have even had recent dreams with him in them. So we are walking and we kinda start to pass someone and I stop and almost start freaking out. It's him!! So I kind of say something like oh my gosh or hey to my friends and he kinda turns towards his (fiance i believe) to try and hide, but i touch his shoulder and ask if I could get a pic with him ha. DONE. 

Michael Vartan

It was pretty amazing. We could not believe that we saw him especially since we have been Alias crazy lately. Oh my gosh. What are the chances. Ok next was spotted by the lovely Jordyn Canady. 

Jenny Slate

She is one of my favs from SNL. I love her doorbell skits. She also did the Marcel the Shell short. She was super nice and friendly with us. 2nd place for nicest celb of the day. 

Before we crossed the street I ran into this guy...I can't think of his name right now
my face is really bright ha

Next we started following this guy. I can't think of his name but definitely recognized him. We were gonna ask for a pic with him but some loser guy started buggin him and we missed our chance. But Terrence Howard was in front of him so I ended up takin a pic with him! 

After this there definitely was a big celeb on the run. So me and Jess of course followed. Terrence and the no name celeb (actually his first name is Chris, that's all I know) were walking in the same direction. They were all going to a movie and walked into the back of a building. We could see them all walking up a staircase inside though. We also figured out the big celeb. Liv Tyler! We saw her in the window and we didn't know what to do so we ended up waving and she totally waved back at us (FYI we were the only ones back there so yes the wave was intended for us only) Then behind her was Patrick Wilson (The A-Team, Morning Glory) So that was sweet. I had no time to take pics :(

We saw a few idea their names but know they are famous ha. day of my life! It was so fun. And I survived despite the lack of feeling in my feet. 

But I don't think I should be complaining...these dude literally were outside playing for at least 5 hours. THEY must have been frozen. They were really good though. 

So next year will be hard to top this year. We will see if it can be done. Maybe we will finally get tickets to a show

The whole gang waiting for the bus