Sunday, July 24, 2011

tell me everything tell me every little thing

Apparently I have had nothing exciting going on in my life for over a month...


Maybe I've just been way too busy doing awesome things to share them with you...

Ok it's prob because I am too lazy to come up with what to blog about. Plus I guess I have been sorta busy lately with my NEW JOB. Why don't I start with that, yes?]

So my new job is going great. We are almost completely done with training. This past week we have been on the phones. I have talked to some crazies, lots of B's, and very entertaining people.  Been yelled at a few times, mostly hilarious, semi frightening.  But it's pretty fun and I am slowly but surely getting the hang of things.  The people I work with are cool. Very different but make me laugh every day. It's great working full time. Definitely keeps me busy and the time flies. Funniest thing was when a guy told me he couldn't write down a number cause he was sittin on the toilet.

I guess that really is all I have going on right now. I did go to 7 peaks yesterday for the first time of the summer slash my life. It was great. I am not a water park kind of person but it was nice just chillin in the wave pool, gettin tan. But here's the thing...for some reason I become a freako when it comes to sunscreen. I stress about what SPF to get, how much to put on, or if I even should put any on. Now I haven't been in the sun for a while and i didn't wanna fry so I got some SPF15 and sprayed it all over. I didn't even get like any sun! What the? I am pretty furious. I guess next time I will know to not put as much on.

Song of the week goes to Demi Lovato. Skyscrapper. uhmazing