Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Young love

So my job is very entertaining. I get to talk to some pretty crazy people. 

Here is one of my favorites so far:

This clearly sounding black women calls up wanting to report some mail theft. But somehow she got off on this huge tangent and I got way too much info than I needed slash wanted to hear. Please read in a black women's accent. Here are some of her best lines during the convo:

"I'm Mrs. Washington's baby. Do you know who Mrs. Washington is?" Me-"Yes ma'am, I do"
(Hmmm...I didn't know Mrs. Washington had a secret black baby...or did she?)

"I'm gonna call the white house after I'm done talkin to you. My boyfren works at the white house" 

"My husbans been sleepin with my neighbor. He been sleepin with white women. I don't ker. I sleep with white men, black men, mexicans, I aint racist."

"I been gettin rapped in my house. The police come in a shoot at me. Why they gotta shoot at me? I didn't do nothin. I don't want to be shot at."

Ya...all those words came out of the same lady during the same conversation. I later talked to a lady who told me she had to get her gun out and that she has to carry a gun around now because of her ex-husband.  Haha. Crazies. 

Today was my day off for the week. Not looking forward to Saturday morning, 7 am. Death.

Speaking of music...Mat Kearney's new CD came out today. I was very excited because I found this bumpin coupon for the deluxe edition for only $5.99 at Best Buy. iTunes doesn't have the deluxe version, and it costs $7.99. Duh I'm goin with the cheaper price for more songs. So I drove up to Best Buy, all happy and excited to buy this awesome CD. Well turns out they had already sold out! What?! I was very mad. And I wasted my life driving up there for nothing. Stupid idiot. So I gave in and bought the regular version on iTunes. It was worth it. I'm in love with it already. Go check it out. 

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